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Nagru's Car Insurance Page isn't an insurance site and we don't want to come across trying to become one either, but seeing as I've been spending my last couple months trying to find the right car insurance for my own car I'm becoming somewhat of an expert and I've found some friends who's car insurance site I'm also hosting on my server and for who I've done some writing as well. To make a long story short -- will only have this one car insurance page on it at any time in the future, but thanks to the cooperation of nagru's friends we hope this page is a great addition to the internet anyway -- even if it's in the very specific question of whether or not looking for free car insurance quotes online or offline.

Should you Search for Car Insurance Quotes Online or Offline?

Indeed, the internet has become a part of everyday life. Information is readily available, comparison shopping is easy, and hard to find items are in abundance. And like everything else, car insurance quotes may be obtained online as well. But before deciding whether you should use the online quotes or find your quotes offline through telephone calls, we have listed the pros and cons of obtaining car insurance quotes on the internet.

Advantages of Finding Car Insurance Quotes Online

  1. The internet provides quick information from a variety of sources. Based on the available quotes, accurate or otherwise, you can at least start to weed out companies with whom you might not do business.
  2. Online quotes are great for fact finding. They will provide you with general ideas of what cars are the cheapest to insure. This information will allow you to budget for car insurance and also lets you know which cars are out of bounds. Although the quotes may not be exact, you can probably assume that all companies charge more for a particular model or make.
  3. Using the internet to research car insurance quotes will provide you with some idea of the companies' customer service attitudes. For example, do they answer email or contact page inquiries in an efficient and timely manner? Does their Live Chat work during business hours or at least during the hours posted on the website? Is the representative on the Live Chat friendly, helpful and polite? If any of these are problems, then most likely you might not want to deal with that company.
  4. Another huge benefit to researching car insurance quotes online is that you can find out what companies offer different discounts for what conditions.
  5. Lastly, obtaining quotes online is impersonal. You may wish to stay anonymous until you have made your final decision and lurking about taking quotes is the way to do that. Further, sales people are not pressuring you while you try to narrow down your options. You can always leave a website with no hassle.

Disadvantages of Finding Car Insurance Quotes Online

  1. Many sites are not real car insurance companies. They are loosely affiliated with the company in that they are trying to make a commission with no work. They will not be able to provide customer service nor will they even be able to help you. The bottom line is their sole purpose is to produce leads for the company and receive their commission check with no work.
  2. Another problem with online quotes is that you do not really know if they are accurate or not. It never fails that when you spend the time entering in all your data, you find out that there are other conditions that apply that render your actual premium higher.
  3. The internet quotes do not take into account difficult situations. If you have had claims in the past, medical conditions that hamper driving, or traffic infractions, online quotes are not able to assess your real situation.
  4. You have no idea where you are sending your personal information in most instances. If you have found a legitimate insurance company on your own and are using their official website, you will most likely be protected but using other websites is a security issue for you.
  5. If you have a good relationship with an insurance broker or representative and you feel confident enough that he/she can bring you the best deal, then there is no reason to find online quotes.

Like I said, I realize this is a small addition to the net when it comes to car insurance, but I hope we've done something that'll help at least some people!


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